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Apr 19, 2024

Our conversation for Extension Office Friday includes several local 4H agents: Carol Nansel representing Shenandoah County, Spring Vasey representing Frederick County, and Meagan Dyer representing Page County. The group discusses the importance and benefits of 4H camps that include youth development, leadership skills, and the lifelong friendships that develop.

We learn information about different 4H camps, the activities offered, the age groups of campers, dates of specific camps, the role of teen counselors, volunteer opportunities, managing parents, and the experience of disconnecting from electronics at camp. They highlight the emotional impact on both campers and parents, emphasizing the valuable experiences and memories created during 4H summer camps.

Learn more about Culpeper/Rappahannock/Shenandoah County's 4H camp that runs June 9-13, 2024, by clicking here.

Learn more about Frederick/Page County's 4H camp that runs June 16-20, 2024, by clicking here.

Learn more about Warren/Clarke County's 4H camp that runs July 21-25, 2024, by clicking here.