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Oct 20, 2023

Our conversation today for Extension Office Friday featured 4-H Extension Agents from three of our surrounding counties discussing the uniqueness of each county's program and the importance of addressing community needs. The group discussed the diverse opportunities available through 4-H and stressed that 4-H is not strictly focused on livestock, but offers a range of activities including leadership, citizenship, community service, food and nutrition, health projects, public speaking, and shooting education. They highlighted the program's adaptability, with options for homeschool clubs and in-school programs. They acknowledged the challenges of reaching all types of families and kids in their respective areas.

Carol Nansel is the 4-H Agent for Shenandoah County. She shared that the recent livestock show was very successful, crossing over half a million dollars in sales and donations, the most they've ever had. Carol also explained that while the enrollment period is in October, people can join 4-H at any time of year, although there might be some restrictions in certain counties. She also specified the age range for 4-H, which is from 5 to 19. Learn more about Shenandoah County 4-H by calling their office: 540-459-6140, visiting their website, and by following them on Facebook.

Spring Vasey is the 4-H Agent for Frederick County. She gave an overview of the wide range of hands-on learning experiences offered by 4-H, including agriculture, STEM, healthy living, and civic engagement. She emphasized how 4-H allows young people to develop critical life skills, explore their interests, and even fail forward in a safe space. Learn more about Frederick County 4-H by calling their office: 540-665-5699, visiting their website, and by following them on Facebook.

Meagan Dyer is the 4-H Agent for Page County. She talked about the accessibility of clubs in her county, emphasizing that children can join clubs that align with their interests, even if they are far from home. She shared that several kids drive across the county for clubs that are more in line with their interests, even though there are clubs closer to their homes. Meagan also boasted of the strong community support for 4-H, with businesses and individuals often willing to contribute their time, expertise, or resources. Learn more about Page County 4-H by calling their office: 540-778-5794, visiting their website, and by following them on Facebook.