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Oct 26, 2023

Our conversation today at the Espresso Bar & Cafe with Eve Stanley, Founder and Artistic Director of ARTEINMOVIMENTO Dance Company gave details for how her nonprofit started and where she hopes it will grow. Joining us were two of her dancers, Becca Hopkins & Lainey Griffin who both shared their experiences working with Eve, their plans for the future, and talked about their excitement for their upcoming performances.

They will perform Walking Artwork at the American Shakespeare Center Blackfriars Theater in Staunton on Sunday, October 29, 2023 with a performance at 7pm and 8:30pm. You can also live stream the event. Tickets are available on their website by clicking here.

Eve told us about several other performances they have scheduled in the coming months. She also shared details for their Inspire by Dance Giving Campaign. Learn more about it here.

Stay in the know about performances, volunteer opportunities, and how you can support ARTEINMOVIMENTO Dance Company by following them on Instagram and YouTube, and visit their website: