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Jul 19, 2023

Our conversation today with Margaret Jones Kilmartin, owner of Blue Ridge Baking Company gave us all the yummy details for her bakery that recently opened a retail space at 7726 Main Street in Middletown. 

Margaret gave us some history about the bakery which has operated a successful wholesale division for many years. We talked about the retail space now open in Middletown plus got a long list of things that will be coming in the next few months. We talked about her products, the high value she places on quality, local ingredients, and the very popular vegan and gluten-free baked goods in her shop.

In the coming weeks, she will expand her hours, begin offering lunch options, and add more bakery items to the menu including cakes, pies, and cinnamon rolls.

We discussed her passion for community and talked about the partnership she has created with Grafton and those she hopes to create with local nonprofits.

Learn more about Blue Ridge Baking Company on their website: and by following them on Facebook.