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Dec 30, 2020

We pre-recorded today's conversation via Zoom with Sally Michaels from Frederick County EDA to talk about the Workforce Initiative and the role it plays in educating our local workforce.

Sally gave us the history of the Business & Education Summit and the goal for educating our students and parents about the job opportunities available in our backyard.

She explained their task of building workforce models for IT, construction & manufacturing similar to the successful model built for medical science in partnership with Valley Health.

Sally encouraged businesses in these particular fields to visit their website: and watch the 15 minute video and then review the Excel spreadsheet that includes courses available to local students K-12 as well as at the college level. The next step is to take the survey and give feedback for what courses are missing, courses that need additional clarification, or to obtain information about the offered courses.

The survey results will be compiled and presented at the Business & Education Summit later in 2021.