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Apr 24, 2017

We were in the studio today with Len Capelli, the Economic Development Coordinator for Clarke County. He brought with him Forrest Pritchard. He’s a 2 time New York Times best selling author and owner of Smith Meadows Farm in Clarke County. They gave us the details on the Clarke County Farm Tour that's happening this Saturday, April 29th from 10 til 5. We talked about the tour and the importance of using local farmers not just for produce, livestock, etc. but to help grow the agricultural economic base of the county. For details about the farm tour, click here to visit their Facebook event page, or visit Clarke County's Tourism website: For details about Forrest's farm, Smith Meadows, click here to like their Facebook or visit their website:

You can also purchase his books on Amazon. Click here for details about Growing Tomorrow, and meet the local farmers who feed America—in stories, photos, and 50 recipes! Click here for details about Gaining Ground, A Story Of Farmers' Markets, Local Food, And Saving The Family Farm.