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Jun 12, 2024

Our conversation for The Valley Business Today - Front Royal/Warren County edition - with Niki Foster from Front Royal/Warren County Chamber of Commerce includes a recap of the Wine and Craft Festival dealing with unexpected rain, and the noticeable attendance despite the weather challenges. 

We delve into planning and logistics, discussing the continuous nature of planning such events and reveal upcoming events like the “Something’s Brewing Beer Festival” in September, explaining the crossover in planning teams and structural differences from the Wine and Craft Festival.

We discuss other upcoming Chamber events, including local business celebrations and community engagement activities, highlighting their importance in fostering community relations and promoting local businesses.

Another major topic is the Chamber's new initiative, “Coffee and Conversations,” a monthly in-person event aimed at engaging and connecting the business community. Niki emphasizes the significance of maintaining community relations and facilitating direct communication between business owners and the local government.

Learn more about chamber events and community events on their website: and by following them on Facebook.