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Jan 18, 2024

As part of our community health partnership with Valley Health, we talked today with Dr. Charbel Fawaz, a board-certified general neurosurgeon with Valley Health Virginia Brain & Spine. He has expertise in minimally invasive and complex multi-level spine surgery.

We discussed the benefits of robotic-guided surgeries and the use of technology in spine surgery. Dr. Fawaz emphasized the advantages of minimally invasive surgical methods, the importance of training and expertise in utilizing these technologies effectively, and the evolution of surgery over the years. He also highlighted the common spinal problems encountered in our community and the benefits of minimally invasive or robotic surgery for these conditions.

Part of our conversation included the advantages of using the Mazor X Stealth robotic guidance system in spine surgery. Dr. Fawaz explained that the system allows for precise planning of surgeries
in advance, which saves time and reduces blood loss. He emphasized that the robot does not physically touch the patient, but guides the surgeon's hands to precise locations within the spine. He highlighted the benefits of minimally invasive surgical methods, which involve splitting muscle fibers instead of cutting them. This method results in less post-surgery pain, faster recovery times, and shorter hospital stays.

Learn more about these surgeries and Dr. Fawaz by reading the article in the Winter Issue of HealthLink magazine by clicking here. You can also learn more on their website by clicking here.