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Jul 21, 2022

Our conversation today was gave us great information about detecting, responding and treating strokes and aneurysms. It is part of our community health partnership with Valley Health where we talk each month with administrators, physicians, and other Valley Health staff about health topics, events, and the community.

Joining me today was Dr. Habibullah Ziayee, a fellowship-trained interventional neurologist with advanced expertise in the minimally invasive treatment of acute ischemic stroke and brain aneurysm. Dr. Ziayee recently joined the medical staff of Winchester Neurological Consultants | Valley Health and provides care at Winchester Medical Center.

Dr. Ziayee first explained the additional experience & insight that comes with being fellowship-trained. He also walked us through the field of neurology and what role and interventional neurologist plays. We then discussed his work with strokes & brain aneurysms.

We talked about the critical importance of reacting quickly to a potential stroke and the acronym BE FAST:

B: Balance. Sudden loss of balance.

E: Eyes. Blurred, double vision or loss of vision in one or both eyes.

F: Face drooping or numb on one side.

A: Arm weakness or numbness on one side.  

S: Speech that is slurred, hard to understand or the inability to speak.

T: Time. Call 911 immediately for any of these symptoms, even if they go away.

He explained the different types of treatment and how far both surgery and imaging have come to increase the likelihood of full recoveries for stroke patients.

Learn more about the Neuroscience Center at Valley Health by clicking here.