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Jul 30, 2018

We were in the studio today with Louis O'Berry, an Energy Management Advisor with Rappahannock Electric Cooperative to get some tips on saving energy & money on our electric bills. In December 2017, Louis made his "debut" on the show giving us money/energy saving tips; and, that show was chosen as "Best Documentary/Public Affairs Program"  by the Virginia Association of Broadcasters at their summer conference in June 2018. This episode, we talked about REC's SmartHub app and the benefits of using this tool to monitor your energy usage. Louis gave us some summer-specific tips and we got quite an education on things that may use more kilowatts during the summer months as well as how we can curtail those "energy busters" to keep our usage and therefore our bills low(er). We continued the conversation even after the showed ended on-air and talked about how REC members can request an in-home energy audit to see where they might be able to make energy efficient improvements. You can get more information on their website: