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Jan 26, 2023

We recorded today's conversation about FredCo Eats Restaurant Week with Wendy May, Marketing Manager for Frederick County Economic Development Authority at Jordan Springs Market - one of the participating restaurants.

FredCo Eats is an effort of the Frederick County Economic Development Authority to cultivate and elevate the full scope of the Frederick County, Virginia, food economy - from agriculture, through production and distribution, to the dining experience.

Wendy gave us all the details about the event that kicks off on January 30, 2023, and runs through February 5, 2023. We talked about the new restaurants on board this year - some are actual new restaurants - as well as the food trucks that will be participating. She explained the different types of deals you can get that include multi-course menus, meal deals, and promotional discounts. Meet this year's participants here and view the menu guide!

We also learned about a survey that the Frederick County EDA is currently offering to county agribusinesses to learn more about each individual business and to determine if there are similar needs across businesses where the EDA, or its partners, could assist. County agribusinesses of all sizes, both food and non-food-related, are asked to complete the brief survey as the EDA works to create a baseline of information. Take the survey here.

She also told us about their sponsorship with the Farm2Fork Affair - the Shenandoah Valley's Local Food Tradeshow - that connects Shenandoah Valley farmers, producers, and makers with commercial-scale buyers throughout Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington, D.C. As part of their sponsorship, Frederick County producers can participate at a cost of $15. Learn more and register here: