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Nov 27, 2020

We pre-recorded our conversation via Zoom to get the details about Front Royal Kiwanis Pancake Day happening on Saturday, December 5, 2020 from 7am - 1pm at Warren County High School - as a drive-thru event.

Joining me on the Zoom screen today was Melanie Stull, the club's current president; Bill Powers, pancake flipper and sponsorship coordinator; and Richard Hoover, current member & former Lt. Governor for Kiwanis.

We learned about all the good Front Royal Kiwanis does with the money raised not just from the Pancake Day event, but from fundraisers throughout the year. We talked about how the event will look different this year but the pancakes & sausage will still be just as tasty.

Melanie told us about their current membership and explained their meetings are being held on Zoom because of the pandemic. If you'd like to purchase tickets for Front Royal Kiwanis Pancake Day, get more information about joining the club, or simply make a donation to support their causes, follow/message them on Facebook by clicking here.