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Jun 14, 2024

Our conversation today welcomes Julie Armel, the Deputy Director of Marketing and Communications for The Museum of the Shenandoah Valley, and special guest Craig Mitchell Smith, an innovative kiln glass artist.

Julie talks about the new 'Gardens of Glass' exhibit, showcasing Craig's glass sculptures, some created specifically for the MSV. Craig shares his accidental journey into glass art, initially working in design and later discovering his passion for glassmaking through a friend's class, leading to an impressive career.

Craig explains his creative process, from fusing glass in kilns to drawing inspiration from nature and memory. We discuss the challenges of installing his works, including hiding pieces within the garden for a sense of discovery. Our conversation highlights Craig's commitment to joy and beauty in his art, his seamless integration of pieces into the gardens, and the special experience 'Gardens of Glass' offers visitors.

Julie details logistical information about the exhibit, including opening hours, tickets, and additional events. Craig mentions his upcoming visits and the opportunity for visitors to purchase pieces from the exhibit and in the pop-up shop located on the property.

Learn more about The MSV on their website: and follow them on Facebook and Instagram

Learn more about Craig Mitchell Smith on his website: and follow him on Facebook and Instagram.