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May 11, 2022

Our conversation today is part of an ongoing partnership with the US Small Business Administration highlighting small businesses as well as offering advice and resources to small businesses.

My co-host today was Carl Knoblock, Virginia District Director for the SBA. Joining him was Jeri Prophet, CEO and Founder of IntellecTechs. Her company was chosen as Virginia's Small Business of the Year.

Carl explained how the awards work and their part in the overall celebration of National Small Business Week. We talked about the number of small businesses that prioritize community involvement and the greater impact it has on their success. Supporting other small businesses and community organizations is a high priority for IntellecTechs.

Jeri gave us some background on how she started her business in 2008. IntellecTechs is a professional software developer and managed IT services company that provides Human Performance Technology expertise, systems engineering, software and training development, web and information technology to both commercial clients as well as through government contracts.

We talked about the struggles her business overcame since starting in one of the worst (pre-pandemic) economic years. She offered advice to other businesses and praised the information and resources she's found on the SBA website (

We spent some time chatting about what it's like to lead a team through a pandemic and how they've weathered the changes. She places a high value on her staff and encouraged other employers to be engaged and supportive.