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Aug 22, 2023

Our conversation today for Tourism Tuesday - Winchester/Frederick County edition - with Justin Kerns from Winchester/Frederick County Convention & Visitors Bureau took us out in the county to Laurel Grove Wine Farm where we met up with Jaclyn Mommen.

Jaclyn is the proprietor, farmer, viticulturist, (the list goes on) along with her husband, Dustin, as they transform one hundred acres of their 400-acre property into a fully functioning regenerative farm and vineyard. She explained what regenerative farming is and why it's important. We talked about the role that sheep saliva enzymes will play in the growing of her grapes. Plus, we touched on a wide range of other topics from organic peanut butter, to bone broth and how important it is to know what kind of food you're putting in your body.

She told us about Patti's Place which is slated to open mid-March 2024, and walked us through the timeline for planting her vines to the final product's availability in their tasting room.

Learn more about Laurel Grove Wine Farm on their website: and follow their journey on Instagram.