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Aug 10, 2023

Our conversation today with Guy Curtis from Laurel Ridge Community College included Jodi Navin, a Corporate Training Instructional Designer for Laurel Ridge Workforce Solutions. The pair gave details for an upcoming Workplace Wellness series that will begin mid-September.

Jodi explained the five topics that will be covered on alternating Wednesday evenings during the classes on the Middletown Campus: Managing Emotions at Work, The Golden Rule and Respect, Developing Positive Relationships in the Workplace, Resilience, and Balancing Priorities.

We talked about who should attend - she recommends employers, managers, supervisors, and employees all consider it. She also walked us through a few scenarios that will be covered during the different classes.

We mentioned during our conversation that a webinar giving an overview of the series will be offered on Thursday, August 10 from 12pm - 12:30pm. Guy explained that a replay will be available for those that are interested. You can click here for those details. Learn more about the program and find registration details here: