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Jan 8, 2024

Municipal Monday returns to The Valley Today with guest Olivia Hilton. Olivia is the town manager for the Town of Mount Jackson. She explained the transition from Strasburg to assistant town manager to town manager and praised her staff for their knowledge and patience. She highlighted the challenges of the role, including the need to learn and adapt quickly, and the importance of strategic growth while preserving historical aspects of the community.

We talked about a few projects including the new EQ basin at the town's water treatment facility. It's estimated to cost $4 million but will improve the town's water quality and prepare them better for stormwater runoff.

Olivia gave a bit of history of the town and shared information about some of the businesses that are headquartered in Mount Jackson. She also told us about CREW (Community Resources for Education and Wellness) and the work they're doing creating a community center. 

Before we wrapped up our conversation, she told us about an upcoming event: Cupid's Market and teased "Tater Fest" happening in September. To learn more about Mount Jackson, visit their website: 

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