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Feb 28, 2023

Our conversation for Tourism Tuesday - Winchester/Frederick County edition - with Justin Kerns from the Winchester/Frederick County Convention & Visitors Bureau featured Rene Locklear White (Lumbee) to talk about Native American history in Frederick County. Our conversation was much longer than time allowed during the radio show today, but the entire chat is included in this podcast.

Justin told us that the Visitor's Center has received federal ARPA funds to develop & install historical markers highlighting Black history and Native American history throughout the county. They've been working with several organizations to gather information and research Black history but are facing challenges gathering historical information and data regarding Native American history from the area. 

Rene gave us a history of her Native American ancestry and talked about the research she's been doing to identify objects, buildings, and lands that may have been inhabited by Native Americans in our area. The pair talked about the types of stories, histories, and artifacts that they're hoping to uncover from residents and landowners.

Rene explained why this is her passion and shared several interesting stories. You can find more information about the work and research Rene is working on at her website:

To learn more about the types of information Justin is searching for, read the blog that we mentioned during our conversation by clicking here.