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Aug 28, 2023

Our conversation today with Tyler Hinkle, Shenandoah County's Planner is part of an ongoing series following the work on Shenandoah 2045 - Shenandoah County's comprehensive plan. The planning process will unfold over the course of four years with the majority of the community collaboration occurring from 2020-2022, with input in 2023-2024. Today's chat featured Vito Gentile, Chair of Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) and District 1 Representative to talk about Chapter Five: Housing.

You can find the chapter overview below and view the entire plan in various forms here:

Chapter 5: Housing

  • Provides a vision and objectives to protect and enhance aspects such as the
    • quality of housing in the County and its Towns
    • quantity of housing and the location of said housing
    • types of housing that are desired
    • places for infill development in order to maximize the use of existing land

For more information about the planning process, visit their website: and follow them on Facebook.

You can listen to my previous conversations with Tyler about Shenandoah 2045 by clicking here.