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May 22, 2023

Our conversation today with Tyler Hinkle, Shenandoah County's Planner is part of an ongoing series following the work on Shenandoah 2045 - Shenandoah County's comprehensive plan. The planning process will unfold over the course of four years with the majority of the community collaboration occurring from 2020-2022, with input in 2023-2024.

Today's chat featured Rochelle Dornatt, District 5 Representative & Vice Chair of the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC). Rochelle's group is working on Chapter Six: Community Services and Facilities, Chapter 8: Health, and Chapter 10: Recreation. She walked us through the draft of those chapters and explained why they've been broken out into separate chapters from the former plan.

You can find the chapter overview below and view the entire plan in various forms here: 

Chapter 6: Community Services and Facilities

  • Provides a vision and objectives to protect and enhance aspects such as the
    • private services such as automotive repair, haircuts, cafes, and other service businesses that serve as important semi-public spaces
    • non-profit organizations and churches
    • landfill, trash, and recycling services as well as composting opportunities
    • public buildings and government services

Chapter 8: Health

  • Provides a vision and objectives to protect and enhance aspects such as the
    • Hospital expansion and new construction
    • Small clinics in Towns and in villages in the County
    • Service providers and the split between traveling to Harrisonburg, Woodstock, Winchester, or Luray
    • Major health concerns with the population and ways to work towards a resolution of the concerns
    • Private businesses that provide coverage for medical aspects such as dentists, surgeons, eye doctors, family physicians, and other medical professionals.

Chapter 10: Recreation

  • Provides a vision and objectives to protect and enhance aspects such as the
    • Trails in federal, state, county, town, and private lands
    • Parks
    • River and stream access
    • Gyms and recreation centers
    • Private providers of recreational amenities

Tyler told us about the process and talked about next steps for getting community input through various outlets including community events. For more information about the planning process, visit their website: and follow them on Facebook.

You can listen to my previous conversations with Tyler about Shenandoah 2045 by clicking here.