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Apr 29, 2024

Our conversation today with Tyler Hinkle, Shenandoah County's Planner is part of an ongoing series following the work on Shenandoah 2045 - Shenandoah County's comprehensive plan. The planning process will unfold over the course of four years with the majority of the community collaboration occurring from 2020-2022, with input in 2023-2024.

Joining Tyler today was McKenzie Allen, an associate planner with Shenandoah County. The pair discuss various aspects of the planning process, including updates on the plan, public engagement, citizen involvement, challenges faced, exciting aspects of the plan, education on easements, community preservation, future implementation steps, and timelines for finalizing the plan. Tyler and McKenzie share insights and experiences regarding the planning process, the importance of community engagement, and the balance between development and preserving the rural character of Shenandoah County.

They highlight the efforts to create a plan that aligns with the community's vision while addressing concerns and incorporating feedback from various stakeholders. Tyler also emphasizes the need for active participation from the community, provides information on accessing the draft plan on the county's website, and encourages individuals to engage in the public hearing process to express their opinions and support for the plan.

You can view the entire plan in various forms, and learn more about the planning process, on their website: and follow them on Facebook.

You can listen to previous conversations with Tyler about Shenandoah 2045 by clicking here.