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Apr 24, 2023

Our conversation today with Tyler Hinkle, Shenandoah County's Planner is part of an ongoing series following the work on Shenandoah 2045 - Shenandoah County's comprehensive plan. The planning process will unfold over the course of four years with the majority of the community collaboration occurring from 2020-2022, with input in 2023-2024.

Today's chat featured several community members who have played some role in past (and present) comprehensive plan development and implementation. Joining us was Hank Zimmerman who worked on the plan in the '80s; Phoebe Kilby who served as county planner and administrator from 1994 - 1996 and worked on the implementation of "Hank's plan;" and Vito Gentile reviewed the plan from 1990, worked on the 2005 plan, and currently serves as chair of the Citizens Advisory Committee working on the 2045 plan.

We talked about the process each used during their planning process and we played the time machine game where they discussed what/how information they have now would've been useful then. 

For more information about the planning process, visit their website: and follow them on Facebook.

You can listen to my previous conversations with Tyler about Shenandoah 2045 by clicking here.