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Feb 6, 2024

Our conversation(s) today for Tourism Tuesday - Shenandoah County edition - with Kary Haun also included several other guests as we tagged along on a Shenandoah County Tour of the new Shenandoah County Parks & Rec facility and Woodstock Gardens.

The first stop was the Shenandoah County Parks and Recreation's new facility. The director, Jered Hoover, detailed the process of acquiring the facility that Valley Health previously leased. He discussed how the facility grew from occupying temporary spaces like the Moose Lodge and Rescue Squad banquet hall for programming to securing comfortable accommodations with leftover COVID funding. Also, he discussed achieving a notable membership base within a month of opening the facility. Learn more about their programs, fitness memberships, and events on their website: 

The second stop was Woodstock Gardens, a commercial garden center & cafe. It had an interesting background story as the host and the guests learned how the founders originally planned to supply to other garden centers before shifting their operation and invited the Woodstock Cafe to co-share their space. In the face of economy downturn and other challenges, the garden center thrived, attracting new owners and customers. Learn more about Woodstock Gardens on their website: 

Shenandoah County Tours feature a behind-the-scenes experience at a local hospitality business, town or attraction, and include lunch. Tours are open to business owners, employees, residents, and visitors of Shenandoah County. Tours are held monthly, typically from 10am-1pm. To pre-register contact no later than one week prior to each tour. Registration fees do vary and are non-refundable. Click here to learn more and find the full list of 2024 scheduled tours.

Find upcoming events on their website: