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Jan 31, 2022

Our conversation with Tyler Hinkle, Shenandoah County's Planner is part of an ongoing series following the work on Shenandoah 2045 - Shenandoah County's comprehensive plan. Joining us to talk about Chapter Two: Natural Resources, was Mike Liskey. Mike is a member of the CAC (Citizen's Advisory Committee) that has been charged with working on the plan.

We talked about what the chapter for natural resources includes and why it's an important part of Shenandoah County's future planning. We discussed the impact preserving natural resources will have on many other aspects of Shenandoah County's growth including housing, economic development and tourism.

Finally, we discussed all the ways that residents of Shenandoah County can (and should) participate in the planning process. Feedback is vitally important and everyone involved in developing the plan is anxious for input from county citizens.

Get more information, take the survey and make contact on their website: and on Facebook: