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Feb 22, 2021

We pre-recorded today's conversation with Olivia Hilton, Community Development & Events Coordinator for the Town of Strasburg as we strolled Strasburg on a Sunday morning to talk to several local businesses. We're planning to make this a regular monthly stroll one Saturday each month to record the show to air the following Monday. Follow Discover Strasburg on Facebook: for updates about when and where we'll be recording so you can join us on the stroll!

Our first stop was at The Strasburg Emporium where we talked with General Manager, Ron Andrews and building owner, Paul Mott about how the business (and vendor list) has grown and will expand even further in the coming months. For more information about The Strasburg Emporium, visit their website: and click here to follow them on Facebook.

Our second stop was at Lydia's Closet to chat with Kath Stanley about the non-profit and how the community can help by donating items as well as purchasing items from the thrift store. For more information about Lydia's Closet, visit their website: and follow them on Facebook:

We then stopped at Burg Nutrition to chat with Chelsea about her shakes, smoothies and teas that offer a low calorie treat in a wide variety of flavors. Follow Burg Nutrition on Facebook: to stay up to date on new flavors and seasonal specials.

Finally we came back to The Strasburg Emporium to finish out stroll and grab a hot, homemade pretzel from one of their newest editions: Bretzels Handcrafted Breads & Treats. We chatted with one of the owners, James who told us why they opened the cafe inside the Emporium and even treated us to a freshly baked pretzel. For more information about Bretzels, click here to follow them on Facebook.