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Nov 29, 2017

We were in the studio for The Valley Business Today with Sally Michaels from the Frederick County Economic Development Authority & Guy Curtis from Lord Fairfax Community College Workforce Solutions to talk about the thousands of jobs available in our area. They shared the critical need for workers and asked listeners how to get job information to those in their circle of family and friends who are under skilled, under paid or desiring a job change. In the last 6 months, these are the most needed positions in our area with the highest demand:

  • “Heavy and Tractor-Trail Truck Drivers” over 985 job postings
  • “Registered Nurses” over 438 job postings
  • “Maintenance and Repair Workers, General” over 355 job postings.
  • Most openings are in Advanced Manufacturing looking for a “jack of all trades”

If you know someone who didn’t get a college degree or has one and is stuck in a career that doesn’t allow for growth, dead end job… If you know someone who is wanting to make a change to a career with high growth potential and high employment possibilities… If you know a high school student about to graduate or has recently graduated with no career in mind or has returned from college… Get in touch TODAY with Sally via email: or phone: 540-665-0973 or online: Get in touch TODAY with Guy via email: or phone: 540-868-7021 or online: