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Mar 29, 2017

We were joined in the studio for The Valley Business Today by Sally Michaels, Existing Business Coordinator with Frederick County Economic Development Authority to talk about the Business Education Summit happening on Friday, April 28, 2017 from 8am - 2pm at Corron Community Development Center at Lord Fairfax Community College. Sally told us about the initiative that grew from last year's summit, the goals and objectives and how it all fits into educating our youth for future success in our community. She also told us about a video "Success in the New Economy" by Kevin Fleming. You can find that video at this link: Are you a plant manager, human resource manager,or operations manager at a Winchester or Frederick County business? Are you a local Superintendent or Assistant Superintendent of Instruction? The B&E Summit is for you! Last year, more than 130 business, education, and community leaders attended the inaugural B&E Summit where they spent the day learning about the current state of education and how it aligns with employer workforce needs. Individuals broke up into teams to brainstorm on a variety of topics and vote on the most important issues to address first. For more details about this year's summit, contact Sally Michaels at (540) 665-0973 or via email to: