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Apr 26, 2023

Our conversation for The Valley Business Today featured Danita Roble, Director of Membership Development for the Top of Virginia Regional Chamber & her guest, Lisa Talbott with Talbott Training Group.

Danita explained the transformation of the chamber's leadshare groups to networking community groups and talked about the value of putting relationship-building first when networking within your industry. The chamber has created several of these groups with a specific focus: 

  • Inspire | A Chamber B2B Networking Community
  • SING | Senior Interest Networking Group
  • Chamber Power Hour | a Growth Through Collaboration Networking Group
  • Lead by Faith | a Christian Networking Group
  • Victory | a Veteran Networking Community Group
  • Hispanic Business Community Group – starting in June

Lisa Talbott leads the Victory Veteran Networking Community Group and told us why it's important, how it's structured, and gave details for the types of information and resources they hope to provide to veterans who want to start a business, veterans who have an existing business, and business owners who want to employ veterans.

Learn more about all the groups, when they meet, and how you can participate by clicking here.