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Jun 18, 2024

Our conversation for Tourism Tuesday with Gina Hilliard from Luray/Page Chamber of Commerce included Dunnzy Kaufman, CEO of Sojourn, and Melissa Reynoso, Innkeeper at The Legacy Inn in Luray.

Our conversation revolves around the Legacy Inn's offerings and unique characteristics. Dunnzy explains Sojourn’s role in managing the aesthetic and experience of the Legacy Inn, while Melissa shares her passion for her daily responsibilities as the innkeeper. They discuss the Inn's suitability for family reunions, weddings, business retreats, and artist gatherings, emphasizing its unique blend of homely and hotel-like amenities. They also touch upon local partnerships and the potential for community events.

Before we wrap up, Gina shares information on the Chamber’s upcoming events, including a business after-hours event and a travel informational session for a trip to Italy.