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Jan 28, 2021

We pre-recorded today's conversation in the studio with Lt. Warren Gosnell from the Frederick County Sheriff's Office for our regular monthly chat about traffic safety.

Our topics included:

  • The safety of driving with a pet in your lap. Lt. Gosnell referenced House Bill 2077 currently before the Virginia General Assembly. Read it here.
  • The primary offense law for brake lights/tail lights, etc. that goes into effect in March and the possibility that it might be rescinded.
  • The current "Hands-Free" law and how the sheriff's office has begun enforcement.
  • The overall safety message for wearing your seatbelt - Frederick County suffered it's first traffic fatality last week - as well as keeping your registration and inspections current.

Lt. Gosnell also explained that Frederick County is currently seeking Emergency Dispatchers. You can find information about job requirements, information sessions and more on the county's website: