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Sep 7, 2023

Our conversation for Traffic Safety Thursday was live in the studio with Lt. Warren Gosnell from Frederick County Sheriff's Office. It was not without it's glitches: the computer wouldn't play my intro music so Goz played HIS intro music from back in the day. But, as I listened to the recording, the mic didn't pick it up either. Regardless, it was as always, a great conversation full of solid information.

Goz explained how compliance issues can spill over into other public safety issues. We talked about the wider consequences during this drought of tossing a lit cigarette from a moving vehicle or parking a running car on dry grass. 

I asked about moped laws and regulations, which were much more complicated than I realized. The bonus was that he told a story about a (not so) high-speed chase with a moped that turned into an accident, then a foot chase, and ended with a DUI.

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