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Oct 24, 2019

We were in the studio for Traffic Safety Thursday with Lt. Warren Gosnell from the Frederick County Sheriff's Office for our monthly conversation about traffic safety topics. Today we discussed cyclists and proper protocol if you encounter one on a narrow road regardless of the speed limit. Lt. Gosnell gave us some insight from both the cyclist's perspective as well as the driver's. We talked about speed limits and why obeying them is an important safety mechanism for anyone using the roadways. We also talked about the upcoming Frederick County Public safety 911 Career Fair happening on October 29, 2019 & November 16, 2019. On the spot interviews & training will be given at the event. To pre-register (requested), send an email to On-site registration begins promptly at 8:30am each day. You can download the flyer with more details here: 911 job fair 2019 Lt. Gosnell also reminded us with the time change around the corner that it will be getting dark sooner and to be extra focused on potential hazards such as children playing, joggers & cyclists as it gets darker. He also gave us a heads up to portions of Middle Road being closed during the Frederick County Parks & Rec Battlefield Half Marathon happening on Saturday, November 2nd beginning at 8am. For details about the race, click here to listen to the episode where Tony & Chris were gusts: