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Sep 26, 2019

We were in the studio for our usual monthly conversation with Lt. Warren Gosnell from the Frederick County Sheriff's Office about traffic safety. In this episode we discussed DUI-D - driving under the influence of drugs. Lt. Gosnell explained that this isn't always illegal drugs. We talked about the opioid epidemic, as well as prescription drugs and the impact they can have on people who take them and then get behind the wheel. We also discussed the recent regional MADD Awards Luncheon where Deputies, Officers and Troopers from our area were recognized for their work in the prevention of impaired driving. Lt. Gosnell was nominated by Sheriff Lenny Millholland in recognition of the many public presentations he gives on the topic including:

  • Live drinking labs on the River 95.3 to raise awareness of the dangers of social drinking and driving.
  • Speaking to the Winchester Host Lions Club and Warren County Rotary Club and high school seniors each year at Millbrook.
  • Speaking to students at JMU’s Safe Rides Fall and Spring student awareness events.
  • Joining the CASC faculty to assist in teaching other LEOs and Prosecutors about DUID.
  • Overseeing and managing FCSO’s grant-funded alcohol enforcement initiatives.

  Program Note: We recorded today's show last week because Lt. Gosnell was going to be teaching a class on DUI-D at airtime today. However, we learned after we recorded the show that we had gotten our calendars confused.