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Aug 26, 2016

We were joined in the studio for The Valley Today by Nadine Pottinga, President/CEO of United Way of Northern Shenandoah Valley to talk about their upcoming Day of Caring on September 14, their 2016 Campaign and the Rubbermaid Sale that happens tomorrow (and the last Saturday of every month) in the Belk parking lot at Apple Blossom Mall. We had a great conversation about the impact volunteers, sponsors and donors can make in our community - no matter how small the donation. Since 1946 the United Way of Northern Shenandoah Valley has worked to impact the community human care needs that matter most to the people of Clarke, Frederick, Shenandoah Counties and the City of Winchester.  Through programs and community partnerships, they bring the community together to respond to local needs.  Thanks to the support of local employees, corporations and individuals, they are able to provide grants in the critical need areas of Education, Income, and Health which are the building blocks for a good life. Your support helps United Way impact critical community needs.

  • Local Department of Social Services, Salvation Army and other emergency assistance providers report that many young families, affected by economic conditions, are requesting food, shelter and utility assistance for the first time. In addition to grant support, United Way is working with local providers and the community to collect personal care items, diapers and informational material to help local families cope.
  • Helping young people make positive choices is important.  Many local agencies have had to reduce staff while facing continued demand for needed programs. United Way is working to facilitate collaborative efforts to allow agencies to work together to share programs and resources in order to meet the needs of our youth.
  • Day Care for children, seniors and the disabled helps caregivers retain jobs and continue their educations…local daycare centers report that many working families have experiences salary and benefit reductions which has made it difficult to continue to afford day care service. United Way support helps subsidize the cost of needed day care service.
  • Free Clinics provide health care and prescription programs to help families unable to afford needed health care.  Local programs have experienced a 45% increase in demand for care.  United Way is partnering with community groups to help secure trained volunteers to meet the need.
  • Economic difficulties can result in domestic violence.  It has been reported that the number of domestic violence court cases has increased dramatically and involves many first time offenders. United Way grant funding helps provide shelter and support for families in crisis.