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Jan 25, 2018

We were in the studio with Floyd Heater, President of Warren Memorial Hospital & Vice President of Valley Health's Southern Region, and Terri Mayes, Vice President, Warren Memorial Hospital to talk about the plans for the new facility as well as all the services offered (or in the planning stages) for Warren Memorial Hospital. We talked about all the reasons the hospital needs to relocate to a new campus and how the changing demographics of Front Royal & Warren County will impact the various services they offer. We also talked about the transition of Obstetric Services from Warren Memorial Hospital to Winchester Medical Center. Some of the reasons behind that decision were:

  • For the last five years they’ve averaged less than one birth per day (annual average = 333 births). It’s challenging to sustain a high quality staff and service when numbers are low.
  • Of the 485 babies born to Front Royal/Warren County residents in 2016, 38% were delivered at Warren Memorial Hospital and 33% were delivered at Winchester Medical Center. The other 29% had their babies elsewhere.
  • A third of our residents are already choosing Winchester Medical Center, which has made extensive enhancements to its obstetrical services including a new hospital wing with a state-of-the-art 30 bed NICU, an emergency department just for obstetric patients and expanded midwifery services.

We discussed the new Cardiac Catheterization Lab which will open next month (new construction to the right of the Main entrance) that will offer residents advanced diagnostic and interventional services closer to home & work closely with Valley Health Heart & Vascular Center at Winchester Medical Center to provide coordinated care for patients who need additional testing or interventions. Cardiac catheterization is a minimally invasive way to access blood vessels around the heart in order to capture diagnostic images and/or treat blockages. Certain heart attacks require treatment in Cardiac Cath Lab to open up blocked vessels to permit blood flow to the heart.   New Hospital By the Numbers

  1. Square Feet – approximately 177,000 square feet, which includes the three-story hospital and adjacent medical building (current hospital is 124,000 square feet)
  2. Observation Beds – 6 (increased from 0)
  3. Inpatient Beds – 36 all private rooms (decreased from 60 semi-private)
  4. Emergency Department beds – 18 plus 4 shell (increased from 12)
  5. Operating Room – 3 ORs; 2 procedure/Endoscopy (increased from 1); 1 cardiac cath lab
  6. Acreage – the hospital campus will occupy about 28 acres of a 150-acre parcel
  7. Campus will include walking trails and green space/park areas.
  8. Estimated building cost -- $97.7 million (including Medical Building)

For more information about Warren Memorial Hospital, visit their website: or Valley Health: