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Jun 20, 2024

As part of our community health partnership with Valley Health, this month we discuss adolescent mental health and substance use issues with Whitney Maddox, a licensed professional counselor and coordinator for the Catalyst program, and Amanda Dondero, a licensed clinical social worker and adolescent outpatient behavioral health supervisor with Valley Health Outpatient Behavioral Health

Our conversation covers the success of the CATALIST program, which addresses co-occurring substance use and mental health issues in adolescents, and outlines the importance of early intervention and family involvement. They discuss how the pandemic has heightened the need for mental health services and provide details on how to access these services.

The pair highlight the challenges parents face in recognizing and dealing with their children's mental health and substance use issues, and the importance of community support systems. Whitney and Amanda emphasize the need for proactive approaches and proper education for both parents and children to combat these issues effectively.