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Mar 27, 2019

We were in the studio for The Valley Business Today with Danita Roble, Director of Membership for the Top of Virginia Regional Chamber and her guest, chamber member, Jaime Karalis, President of Lightbulb Marketing, LLC located at 147 Creekside Lane in Winchester, VA. We had a great conversation about marketing that offered suggestions and advice for business owners to get the most effective reach from their marketing efforts. We discussed the importance of creating a marketing plan, sticking to that plan, creating clear & realistic goals, and identifying your strengths & weaknesses. In addition, we talked about creating top of mind awareness for your business and what that entails; and, how understanding your market & demographics is crucial for success. For more information about Lightbulb Marketing, visit their website: and make plans to attend the Peer to Peer Education & Membership Meeting hosted by the chamber where Jaime will be the featured speaker. You can get more details about that event by clicking here.