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Nov 27, 2023

Our conversation today with Misty Weaver was twofold. As a local real estate agent with the Dream Weaver Team, Misty gave us a few tips and some insight into the local market. In the second segment, we talked about her role as publisher of OldTownist magazine.

We discussed the current state of the real estate market & Misty clarified common misconceptions about the market, including the impact of holidays, interest rates, and sales volume on prices. She explained that despite lower sales, prices were still rising due to high demand. Misty also addressed the issue of high interest rates, suggesting that buyers consider the potential advantages of purchasing a house now rather than waiting for rates to drop, as the current equity could offset
the higher interest rate in the future. She also dispelled the myth that clients only need a lawyer for
legal paperwork and highlighted the valuable services real estate agents provide, such as property preparation and negotiation.

Learn more about Misty, Katie, and Justin on their website: and follow them on Facebook for great information about the real estate market in our area.

We also learned that the Oldtownist magazine, a free, local publication focused on the Winchester/Frederick County market, was conceived with the goal of promoting businesses and the
community. The magazine, which is available both in print and online, has become a valuable resource for visitors and potential residents of the area, providing information about local restaurants, shops, and other amenities. Misty also noted that the magazine has helped her real estate business by showcasing the local community and its features. She shared that they have an events page, a feature on a different nonprofit each month, and a list of places where people can give back. She emphasized the importance of spreading awareness about these events and
organizations, as well as the interconnectedness of the community. 

You can pick up a printed copy at many locations around Old Town Winchester including the Espresso Bar & Cafe and The Hideaway Cafe. You can also subscribe to have the free publication emailed to you each month. Visit their website for the current issue and follow them on Facebook for updates.