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Sep 28, 2021

We recorded today's conversation in person at Vault & Cellar, a new restaurant that's opened on Main Street in Middletown. Joining me for this Tourism Tuesday episode is Justin Kerns from the Winchester/Frederick County Convention & Visitors Bureau, Kari Rushing, co-owner & head chef, and her husband Ian Rushing, co-owner & chief marketing officer for the restaurant.

The two explained how they came to be owners of the new restaurant that was formerly Nana's Irish Pub. They gave us some history about the bank that was originally housed in the building and talked about how they plan to incorporate it's history into their dining experience.

We talked about their menu which will feature an Appalachian flavor, plus we learned about their coffee & pastry hours as well as local partnerships they have and intend to grow.

For more information, to see their menu or make a reservation for Vault & Cellar, visit their website: