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Jan 25, 2022

Our Tourism Tuesday conversation with Justin Kerns from Winchester/Frederick County Convention & Visitors Center included Bryant Condrey, Pipe Major for City of Winchester Pipes & Drums.

Bryant gave us the history of the organization and told us that anyone (at practically any age) can join the band. They offer training to learn to play the bagpipes or drums and will help with choosing the proper instrument.

He also explained the significance of their kilt and told us about the sgian-dubh (skee-ən-DOO; Scottish Gaelic pronunciation: [s̪kʲənˈt̪u]) which is part of their traditional Scottish Highland dress along with the kilt.

We talked about their performances at public events such as Apple Blossom and other parades for fallen heroes. They are also available for private events.

For more information about City of Winchester Pipes & Drums, visit their website: and follow them on Facebook.