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Mar 26, 2020

We were in the studio today for Traffic Safety Thursday for our regular monthly conversation with Lt. Warren Gosnell from the Frederick County Sheriff's Office. Today, Sheriff Lenny Millholland also joined us to talk about precautions he's put in place to protect his staff and how people can help the sheriff's office continue to be safe and protect the safety of his deputies. We discussed the importance of only using 911 for true emergencies and NOT to see what may or may not be open or ask questions about regulations relating to COVID19. Those inquires should be done through the non-emergency line: 540-662-6162. We also talked about Lt. Gosnell's additional role as the new Public Information Officer for the Frederick County Sheriff's Office; the recent closure of local DMV offices and how that will impact local drivers. Lt. Gosnell also mentioned a new Facebook page: RUSH - Requests Utilizing Society's Help. You can follow that page here: